Privacy Fence with Wax Leaf Ligustrum’s

I have always noticed when a home has a living privacy fence. I think, “wow, that looks so much better than the worn wooden fence showing” and let’s be real…the 6 foot wooden fence my HOA requires is the worst.

We finally decided to update our backyard with a living privacy fence and bought 12 wax leaf ligustrum’s. We ran across this shrub because it was on Neil Sperry’s list of Best Plants for Screening and we wanted to be sure to choose a shrub that was recommended for our area. We decided to go with wax leaf ligustrum’s simply because we loved the look and feel of the leaves since it is not a holly. We planted them along our backyard fence line and we like them so much that we are highly considering planting more on the fence line that you see when you open the gate to park in the driveway.

They will take a few years to get them to the height and fullness that we are wanting but once they are at that point, we will keep them trimmed at around 8-9 feet. If you are curious about the price point of wax leaf ligustrum’s, we are in the North Texas area and paid $25.00 each and they were around 3 feet in height when we purchased them.

I know whichever shrub, tree or plant you decide on to give your home more privacy will turn out beautiful! My suggestions are to find which is best for your area and to not put off this house update because the sooner you plant them, the sooner you give your home the privacy it deserves. Happy planting!


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