Using Puddled Curtains to Complete the Vibe of your Home

When a vision for your house comes together after years of hard work and inspiration, it truly is such a great feeling.⁣

I remember many years ago pinning velvet curtains on Pinterest that went from the ceiling to the floor that had a heavy puddle and now it’s in our home. ⁣My curtains in the picture above are from Overstock in the color light beige. I have 8 foot ceilings and these are the 50 x 108 in. length.

If puddled curtains are your thing because you like the lived in feel it brings to a space, the most important thing you need to consider is the fabric and length.⁣

If you want the curtains to give the space more of a glamorous and upscale look, go with velvet, silk or heavy weighted fabrics. If you want the curtains to give the space a more casual and relaxed vibe, go with linen or other gauzy fabrics.⁣

Going with a puddled curtain look makes installing the curtain rod about 100 times easier but it’s still important that you measure the length you want before ordering curtains. I have read it’s best to allow 2-16 inches of fabric on the ground for a puddled curtain so you have a lot of choices since curtains usually range from 7-9 feet long. ⁣At the end of this post, I will share photos to give you some inspiration with the different lengths and fabrics.

Once you have your curtain rod installed and curtains hung, the last decision is how you want to puddle the curtains on the ground. There are a handful of looks you can decide between. I believe mine are considered a mix between a “true puddle” and a “fold under puddle” but do not let all of this information overwhelm you, there are a lot of how to articles and videos (drop & stack, fold under, flowing puddle, puddle break) you can refer to.⁣

Are puddled curtains your thing? If so, do you like a more glamorous or relaxed look? I love the velvet fabric because it’s easy to keep clean and functions as a semi-blackout curtain which is exactly what I needed!⁣ Please tag me in your stories and post on Instagram using @brigitblake so I can see your beautiful new puddled curtains. Happy puddling!

Linen puddled curtains
Source: The Design Files
West Elm puddled curtains
Source: Home Bunch
Light puddled curtains
Source: The Socialite Family
Heavy puddled curtains
Source: The Design Chaser

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