My Tips for Hanging a Grid Gallery Wall

You might be like me and every few days you see a grid gallery wall as you are scrolling on Instagram and get inspired to do something similar on a wall in your own home. I truly believe that every home has the perfect wall that this popular home inspiration feature can be incorporated on. This DIY project is only a 3 step process that anyone can accomplish with some guidance and a cup of coffee…trust me, you got this!

The first reason I decided to add a grid gallery wall to my entry way is because it’s honestly gorgerous for so many reasons. I love that I’m able to have 12 of my favorite photos of family and friends in oversized prints to view each and everyday. Your guest will also love it because it is interesting and draws their attention to these photos of your life. The second reason is because I absolutely love how the frames fill the space without taking up room like a piece of furniture would. As many of you know, my husband and I live in my childhood home and up until the house became ours, there was a display cabinet with glass doors in the same space as the frames are now. Once we began making this house our home, I remember thinking that I never wanted to put a piece of furniture back in that area because it felt so much more open with that furniture gone.

I have successfully hung 12 frames in our entry way without any mess ups and I know with a little guidance, you will be able to do the same! Once you decide on the wall you are going to add this grid gallery feature to and have your frames, you just need a hand full of other tools to hang your frames in straight lines. I hope these tips and steps make your project exciting with as little stress as possible. Happy leveling…I mean hanging! 😉

  1. Tape together the 4 pieces of paper to create an outline of your frames. Be sure to make a pinpoint hole where the hook is on the back of the frame. Most will have one in the middle near the top but your frames could have two on each side of the frame.
  2. Decide where you want to start your first row. Be sure to use the paper outline, spacer and painter’s tape to mark off where each row will begin and end. You will need to do this laterally and horizontally in order to get the height you want and to center the frames on the wall. I have 3 rows with 4 columns and the bottom of my first row of frames is 16 inches from the slab. The reason I did mine a little higher on the wall is because I wanted to be able to see the bottom row of pictures from the kitchen door and dining room. If I hung the first row of frames any lower, these pictures would have been partially blocked because of the living room furniture.
  3. Hang your paper outline to the wall with painter’s tape and adjust the paper until it’s level using the torpedo level. Use the pencil to mark the hook(s) on the pinhole.
  4. Use your screw driver to install the drywall anchor.
  5. Hold your spacer object to know where to hang the next frame in the row.

Now you will repeat steps 3 – 5 until your grid gallery wall is complete. After the first frame is hung, incorporate the laser level as an extra measure to be sure you do not create any extra holes in your wall.


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