Tips for Designing on a Budget

I rarely purchase items for my home at full price. If you’re wanting to decorate your house and needing to do it on a budget because you’re remodeling, saving for the future or just like to find a good deal…keep reading. The tips below have worked well for me!⁣

– Find local outlet stores near you. You might have a Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn outlet or a Restoration Hardware outlet near you.⁣

– Pin online items to a Pinterest board you love that aren’t on sale to make it more convenient to check to see if the price has dropped later on.⁣

– Sign up for emails from your favorite stores so that you know when they have a site wide sale. I did this with our master bedroom lamps recently and it paid off so so good!⁣

– Make random stops into Home Goods, antique stores and good quality thrift stores. This can be a little more time consuming so be sure to get good at scanning the store and go in with specific things you’re looking for.⁣ I found a great blog post by Sarah Von Bargen from her website about ‘How to Find the Best Stuff in any Thrift Store‘ that would be helpful to anyone that goes thrifting! Also I found a blog on ‘How To Shop for Antiques Like a Designer‘ by Lauren Wicks who is Associate Digital Editor at VERANDA.

– Search online discount stores like Overstock. I purchased all the luxury velvet curtains in my house from here and the quality was amazing!⁣

I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me over the years. Remember to enjoy the process and do not settle on something that you do not absolutely love!⁣


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