Vintage Finds on Etsy that You Will Love

What is it about going to an antique shop with a coffee in hand (or tea if that’s your thing) that empowers you to feel so confident when it comes to home design? I know many of you love looking for antiques just as much as I enjoy it. I truly look forward to having time in my schedule to head to my favorite antique store to search because you never know what unique items you will find and for some reason, it relaxes me. Perhaps that relaxation comes from slowing down to really see everything in all of its beauty.

I wanted to put together some vintage finds from Etsy because I know many of you have shelfs and tabletops you are needing to decorate but do not have an hour (or two, let’s be real) to spare to hopefully get lucky at an antique store. All the items listed below are vintage Etsy items that have free shipping and are under $50.00 usd. I hope these finds make you feel inspired like they did me!

Brass Sailboat

Blue and White Salt and Pepper Shaker
Small Brass Cowboy Hat
Book Stack, Blue/Sage/Blue-Green
Pottery Barn Silver Serving Tray
Small Marble Vase
Small Brass Triple Picture Frame
Round Circle Small Frame with Clear Lens Deadstock – Yale
Small White Wicker Basket
Hammered Brass Pitcher
Coastal Italian Village Prints
Wicker Baby Booties (idea: storage for nursery)
Brass Unicorn
Crystal Clock
Brass Floral Candlesticks
Charcoal/Black Book Stack
Cactus Figurine
Brass Clawfoot Bathtub
Fire King Oven Ware, Milk Glass
Shades of Purple/Pink Book Stack
“Pocket Change” Brass Engraved Dish

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